Exotic itineraries to Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Australia, Bali, Thailand and the rest of the world.




Although we are specialised in a few places in Australia and the Himalayan region, we organise exotic itineraries and other types of trips all over the world. The harder and more challenging the trip is, the better! If you have any idea in mind and need help to develop it or book a travel plan you have prepared yourself, please get in touch: or click here

Top Trip Travel Consultancy was not coincidentally born from a travel blog. The blog, "First Time Foreigner" was where Ana Gusso, creator of this project, began to share her adventures around the world with other fellow travellers.Unfortunately, the blog is no longer live but it was pretty good beginning.


Ana started the blog launching the "Pack and Go" movement, which encourages people who have the dream to travel to take initiative, stop just dreaming, pack up and leave. Without further ado! With the growth of the blog, many people started to send e-mails and requests asking for assistance to create itineraries and tips on experiences and destinations. Many of these people were interested in having the same experiences reported on the blog but didn't know how to make them happen. Especially when the destinations involved were exotic and with more complicated itineraries.


Based in Sydney but assisting people all over the globe, Ana has built a great team of travel experts at Top Trip who share the same passion as her about the world. 


Save time, effort and emotion! Contact a professional to help you to plan your trip.


Organizing a trip without professional help is possible but requires dedication, research, time and, sometimes, headache pills (international payments headache, anyone?). In addition to that, one of the reasons preventing people to pack up and go, is precisely the difficulty in organizing everything themselves.


Therefore, we began to realise that planning a dream trip is much cooler and easier when you have someone more experienced to dream with you and to help enabling all the planning.


Because we are passionate about the Himalayan region, destinations like Myanmar, India, Nepal and Bhutan will be always the focus. However, every year we add a new destination and in 2016 we are presenting 3 new tour packages (totally customisable) to Australia, Bali and Thailand


Passions aside, we also work with several other destinations around the world, on every continent. We are experienced consultants, not only travel agents but travellers helping other travellers. Each itinerary is an opportunity to remind ourselves of our own adventures.


Do not know where to go? Have a look at our blog and feel free to choose one of the experiences.  


Your chosen destination is not on the blog? No problem! Our travel experts are experienced travellers and will help you to plan and book your trip, wherever you decide to go.


So, basically, you choose the destination, we set up the trip with you and for you, according to your needs and with our experience around the world. With a long list of suppliers located in different countries, we assist already experienced, independent travellers, families, flashpackers, backpackers and even first-timers.


Our mission is to make your travel plan get off the ground and turn into reality (as cliché as this may sound).


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